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Aphorism #1

It is only by insisting that human experience is intelligible that we will ever discover the shortcomings of our own reason.

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What kind of Nietzschean?

Recently a good philosophical friend dropped in to visit and, after a pre-emptive apology, said, “Aren’t you just a chicken-sh*t Nietzschean? Because you accept his view of the world, his psychology, and his critique of religion and traditional morality, all … Continue reading

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Against miracles, against religion

David Hume provided a compelling argument against believing in reports of miracles in chapter 10 of his Enquiry Concerning Human Understanding. The basic idea is this: we have to weigh the likelihood of a miracle taking place against the possibility … Continue reading

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Skepticism and the life of reason

It seems to me that if you try to lead your life by reason, you end up as a skeptic. A skeptic, of course, can believe many things, but will regard all these beliefs as tenuous hypotheses which can be … Continue reading

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