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Nietzsche’s illness

The last few months I’ve been working away at an essay for the Oxford Handbook to Nietzsche. The essay is on Nietzsche’s illness; it’s been a surprisingly hard one to write — difficult to get it right. Here it is, … Continue reading

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Doing what you love

Here is a great, widely-circulated essay by Paul Graham on how to do what you love. I’m posting it here now so that, hopefully, I’ll remember to post it also on after the start of Fall semester.

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Living biblically

A. J. Jacobs spent a year trying to follow every rule in the Bible. Hear him recount his experiences, and what he learned from them, here.

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Ideas & culture

Here’s a question prompted from some conversations with Mike: To what extent do ideas influence the formation of culture? This is a big one, of course. At one extreme we have Hegel, who thought culture, civilization, history, and politics were … Continue reading

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Hanna the dog walker

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New JibJab

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Ben gets rolling!

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