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Hiking with Jane

My sister Jane has been visiting, and we’ve gone on four killer hikes this week. Yesterday we hiked to Naomi Peak, to my mind the most stunning hike in the area. Some pics:

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Marriott’s The Lost Tribe

I just finished this account of a journalist’s encounter with a “lost tribe” in New Guinea, that is, a group of people who had not encountered Europeans prior to 1993. The book is riveting, almost despite itself. Marriott strikes me … Continue reading

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Woody Allen’s philosophy

resonates with me. Here is an excerpt from an article (Konigsberg = Allen): Konigsberg states that his reading of philosophy and literature is mainly an attempt to help him answer the ultimate question about life: its purpose and values in … Continue reading

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More Oregon pics

We had a great time visiting the Oregon coast and Portland with family. Some more snapshots:

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On the road in Oregon

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For me? 13, it turns out

How many five year olds could you take in a fight?

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“24” does more than “reflect” government policy….

… it shapes it. Check out this Newsweek piece by Dahlia Lithwick about 24‘s influence on those who design and sit in judgment of the US’s torture practices. An excerpt: According to British lawyer and writer Sands, Jack Bauer—played by … Continue reading

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