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Jackson, WY

We went to Jackson, Wyoming two weekends ago to visit with friends Bill and Diane, see wildlife, and eat at unbelievably good restaurants. Some pics: Hanna had gone there separately with a 3-day class field trip. My favorite moment of … Continue reading

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Happy Halloween

I tend to drag my feet when it comes to decorating for any sort of festival. But pumpkin carving remains a delight.

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My valuation of Nz’s revaluation

(from the book I’m writing) What are we to make of this bold attempt to revalue our values? A first thing to note is that, in some ways, Nietzsche‚Äôs new foundation for value is not unfamiliar. Aristotle (whom Nietzsche rarely … Continue reading

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The virtue of windows

My son was helping me fill out a questionnaire from his school, answering questions about how satisfied we are with the teachers, facilities, curriculum, etc. At the end, I could leave comments about what we liked most about his school. … Continue reading

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Casting votes vs. counting votes

Eye-opening story here (in Rolling Stone) about the insidious operation the GOP has in place for throwing out as many as a sixth of a state’s votes — particularly if they come from the sorts of people most likely to … Continue reading

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Beethoven & German idealism

I’m lucky to have been invited to present three lectures on “Beethoven & Philosophy” to the Beethoven class being held this semester (see below). They’re scheduled for the end of this month, so I’ve been preparing. Philosophers don’t have a … Continue reading

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Beethoven string cycle

We just finished attending all six concerts of Beethoven’s string quartets, performed by the Fry Street Quartet. Their performances were truly splendid: very charged and aggressive, but also tightly coordinated. I have recordings of some top quartets performing these pieces, … Continue reading

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