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Wim Klever’s “Locke’s Disguised Spinozism”

Wim Klever is a great scholar of Spinoza. His work over the years has traced significant influences upon Spinoza (say, by Francis van den Enden) and surprising influences of Spinoza on others. I am providing a pdf copy of a … Continue reading

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TRUTH vs. truth

Pardon me if this post ends up being obvious to everyone but me, but I’m trying to work out the relation between Nz’s perspectivism and truth, and I need to go back and retrace some steps. Let’s start with a … Continue reading

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The invisible book I’m credited with … um, mentioning?

Find out more here.

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Clark’s Nietzsche on Truth and Philosophy (1990)

I should have read this book ages ago. I have read a lot about it — you can count on seeing it cited and discussed by any good recent book on Nietzsche. So I have learned from others what Clark … Continue reading

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Scrappin’ with Jerry

We went up to a salvage yard in Idaho, hunting for stainless steel. Along the way, we stopped at an antique store, where I bought 20 or so 78s, including the one you’ll hear on the video: “One Alone,” performed … Continue reading

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Charlie Bowers’ metal-eating bird

There’s weird, and there’s weirder. It’s weird to think of a metal-eating bird, who then lays an egg which hatches into an automobile. It’s weirder, I submit, to think of living in a rural western state, and going out at … Continue reading

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Pacifica Quartet

Last night we enjoyed a performance by the Pacifica Quartet. This group is fantastic. They have perfected a blending of their voices, so that no single voice overpowers the rest (unless or until the music requires it). And the program … Continue reading

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