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Nietzsche & life’s perspective

I haven’t been posting lately, since I’ve been working on a couple of Nz papers, with quickly-approaching deadlines. Here is a link to one of them through SSRN: Nietzsche and the perspective of life It’s a much-revised version of the … Continue reading

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Can’t find the passage!

Darn it! Where is that blasted passage where Nietzsche wishes upon his friends every hardship, misfortune, illness, etc.?

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Days like this …

.. are worth recording. I get up, drink my coffee, walk my path to campus, drag a deer carcass to the side, play online chess with a friend in Budapest, and make a decent stab at understanding the nature of … Continue reading

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HEY! 18,000 hits! Whodathunkit. I think I’ll go have a scotch.

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Surveyor lamp

Back when we bought the Columbia Grafonola, we also bought an old surveyor’s tripod. A trip to the home supply store, a bit of retro-fitting, and — voila! A lamp. Somehow, it doesn’t sound as exciting as it feels.

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Utah patriotic-a-looza

Living in Utah can be both weird and thrilling. Last night we experienced a bit of both by attending a performance by our local American Festival Chorus, under the baton of Craig Jessop, who used to conduct the Mormon Tabernacle … Continue reading

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