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Carnap or Pizarro?

You decide!

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Two book matters

Genius of the Heart is available in Kindle form now. I have yet to hold/use a Kindle, but I hear they’re pretty great. Also: if you, dear reader of Huenemanniac, have read the silly book, would you consider posting a … Continue reading

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I did the 150 miles

… though in a modified fashion. Went a full 100+ miles on Saturday, and about 50 today, so the total is still what I promised. It was an interesting ride. I was by myself, floating in and out of riding … Continue reading

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Amazing chalk pictures

My apologies for the dearth of postings lately. My attention has been scattered by an essay on Spinoza, closely reading Emerson and Nietzsche for an upcoming conference, and a conference paper on Nietzsche, and a book project on Spinoza — … Continue reading

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A wee bit paranoid, maybe?

So far, not much to report.

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Spinoza’s trip to the zoo

I have been trying to get a good understanding of Spinoza’s advice for handling the passions. My understanding seems to require stories and analogies, so I ended up with this one: Imagine taking a group of very special kids on … Continue reading

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