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Reflections on Darwin and Holmes

I’ve been reading a weird variety of books lately, two of which are The Cambridge Companion to Charles Darwin and Menand’s The Metaphysical Club (actually, re-reading this one). Several of the essays in the Darwin book concern Darwinism and ethics. … Continue reading

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One more dead idol

Leszak Kolakowski. Wish I’d met him. See my posts about him here. UPDATE: The Times has a good obit.

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Making meaning

I’ve been thinking about Michael Drake’s post over at Strange Doctrines on Nihilistic Meaning. As anyone who knows me would suspect, I’m very skeptical of a human life being meaningful in virtue of playing some role in a deity’s big … Continue reading

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Just a little off the top, if you please

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Hiking with RWE, Nz

Just got back from a conference in Big Sky, MT, where we read and then discussed Emerson and Nietzsche. (The view above is from our hotel window.) It was a great conference. Much of the discussion seemed to center around … Continue reading

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Powder Mountain

Went for a hike yesterday on Powder Mountain, a ski hill, with a group of old and new friends. We came across Hidden Lake, which afforded an opportunity for wading, swimming, and plummeting from a rope swing. The valley seen … Continue reading

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Ah, the good old days…

Mike raises the following question: From Nz’s perspective, what was the world like before the death of God? The best answer I have at the moment is The Gay Science #84 the last paragraph. Maybe that’s *way* before the death … Continue reading

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