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Free will fictionalism

Let’s first assume determinism is true, at least with respect to all human actions. Next, let’s agree that we inevitably talk and think about what we could do, or could have done, even if we end up doing or having … Continue reading

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The phenomenology of trying to do philosophy while in the middle of a semester

It’s like this. You’re really hungry for beans. But first you need to wash the pot. But then you need a sponge — where is it? Then the phone rings. It’s the guy who took your sponge. Why did he … Continue reading

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Final causes

My friend Kleiner has been trying for years to get me to understand what final causes really are supposed to be. When I’ve talked about them in various classes, I’ve always called them the ‘pulling cause’: a final cause pulls … Continue reading

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My flat-footed filosophy

For whatever reason, I’ve felt the need lately to try to articulate my broader philosophical view. And that’s always fun to share, especially when someone points out problems. So here goes. CH’s principles of philosophy 1. My metaphysics ought to … Continue reading

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