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Because I would not stop for Death…

… he kindly dropped by my office for a photo opp. This is William Holloway, Philosophy major, completing a creative assignment for another class.

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Music update

I’ve been to two chamber music concerts this year, both of them excellent. The first was last September, with the Shanghai Quartet. They played fascinating, difficult, and very compelling pieces by Penderecki and Yi-Wen Jiang. They have an incredibly balanced … Continue reading

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Ladyman and Ross, Every Thing Must Go

I recently finished this book, which aims at correcting current ways of doing metaphysics by insisting that metaphysicians take seriously what contemporary physics tells us about the world. The problem is that “many” (I guess) contemporary metaphysicians suppose that the … Continue reading

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James Kugel’s How to Read the Bible

Most readers are probably familiar with the Documentary Hypothesis. The basic idea is that the Bible, as an artifact, is best explained by supposing that it is a compilation of several ancient texts, written by different people in different times … Continue reading

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