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An harried update

Don’t you just love people who precede an “h” word with an “an”? This is not complaining. But this term I’m teaching over 240 students in all, distributed subject-wise among Metaphysics, Kant & the 19th Century, and an Humanities Breadth … Continue reading

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Clothes maketh the man

Actually, you should go to YouTube, find ChurchofBlow, and watch everything.

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Foggy morning

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Strawson & narrativity

Here is a thesis to consider: “One sees or lives or experiences one’s life as a narrative or story of some sort, or at least as a collection of stories.” Call it Narrativity. Many philosophers think the claim is true, … Continue reading

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A bit more about Strawson’s materialism

In thinking about it further, I realized my electric blanket metaphor for Strawson’s materialism is misleading. As an analogy, it is better suited for so-called property dualists, who believe that some matter can have properties which are in an important … Continue reading

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