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Contrasting evaluations

From my big survey course taught last spring: (con) “His beard was distracting.” (pro) “Huenemann’s beard was awesome! He looks like the terrier off of Lady and the Tramp!”

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Initial thoughts on Young’s Nietzsche biography

I just finished Julian Young’s Friedrich Nietzsche: A Philosophical Biography (Cambridge), and wanted to share some initial thoughts about it. Some readers of this blog may wish to straighten me out on a few things, or lend their own observations. … Continue reading

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Allen Toussaint

I happened across a recording of Allen Toussaint, a great New Orleans musician, and promptly bought his CD, The Bright Mississippi. Lots of old tunes, with bluesy piano that alternates between the old church style and something more appropriate to … Continue reading

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Yes, I can really waste time, when I need to

My new desktop:

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A geeky confession

OK, here it is: I really dig computer puzzle games with fantasy themes. Several years ago I tried “Myst” and became became hooked on the whole series of games. I am proud to say I completed Myst 1-4 (yes, I … Continue reading

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An odd quote from my Spinoza manuscript

“All things are necessitated by God with stark raving geometrical necessity.” I like the ring of that.

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If only it were true

The context: purely speculative musings. Wife: “But if you were to go away for two weeks, who could step in and take over your life?” Me: “Hmm, I’m not sure … maybe Buffalo Bill.”

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