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Spinoza, Einstein, Tillich

… but for now let us try to understand the broader implication of Spinoza’s concept of God. The implication is fully illustrated in an interaction between Albert Einstein and the theologian Paul Tillich at a conference on science, philosophy, and … Continue reading

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Another line from my Spinoza manuscript

But Spinoza’s God requires no such faith, as the one substance is fully fathomable by reason. We enter into “a relationship” with it precisely through our employment of reason, the very same organ allowing us to perform geometrical constructions and … Continue reading

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Books update

Recently read: Close, A Very Short Introduction to Nothing – a neat and fascinating summary of contemporary thought about vacua. Turns out we can’t find nothing anywhere – there’s always something going on. Menand, The Marketplace of Ideas – an … Continue reading

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Caruso, “A Granada” (1908)

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I was out for a ride, and sighted 6 — count ’em, 6! — donkeys! Here’s three of them, from afar: I watched them for a while, and then curiosity got the better of them:

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Some metaphysical musings

I. The patchy universe It has been some weeks since I realized what a dramatic assertion it is to claim that every event in the universe is determined in some fixed way by laws of nature and antecedent conditions. True, … Continue reading

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And a recent arrival from Israel …

Edith Piaf, “La Vie en Rose,” 1946.

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