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Laudan, Truth, error, and criminal law

I’m just about finished with this book, and I’ve found it very interesting. Laudan approaches the legal processĀ  with strictly epistemological interests, asking whether it’s a good system if what we’re after is convicting bad guys and not convicting good … Continue reading

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Atheists’ hymn

(Thanks to Kevin Doyle.)

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New job

Some readers may already know or have suspected that I have a new job (or rather one added on to the old one). Now I am an Associate Dean of the College of Humanities and Social Sciences. It’s expected among … Continue reading

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Sabre Dance Boogie

By Freddy Martin and his orchestra.

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Gramophone heaven

Probably only 80% of the 10,000 vintage phonograph records at the Vintage Music Company in Minneapolis have been meticulously organized by genre, group, condition, year, etc. The rest are in stacks in the floor. Still, we were able to find … Continue reading

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Aphorism #3

“One day it will be as if you’ve never been.” Wrap your head around that, Jack, and you’re well along the road to wisdom.

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