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Sea battles, beasties in the blood, and the summer of 1665

In the summer and autumn of 1665, a German expatriate in London exchanged a series of fascinating letters with a renegade Dutch Jew. The expatriate was Henry Oldenburg, who was serving as secretary of the newly-formed Royal Society of London. … Continue reading

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Nicomachus, Introduction to Arithmetic

Nicomachus’s Introduction to Arithmetic is not merely about numbers. It is a treatise aimed at providing a mathematical metaphysics for all entities of any quantity or size whatsoever. It is said that Plato had a sign above the entryway to … Continue reading

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Death of Socrates

The Phaedo concerns one of the most powerful ideas a human being can encounter: the idea of one’s own nonexistence. Socrates is about to die. Any of us in his situation would take seriously the possibility that death is really … Continue reading

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