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On gay marriage

Recently I sat in on a debate about gay marriage. It failed in the noble end of giving everyone in the audience a more complete picture of the arguments and concerns surrounding the issue, but it did at any rate … Continue reading

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Scholarship vs. Research vs. Push-ups

When I started as an Assistant Professor, people started calling my kind of academic reading and writing “RESEARCH”, and they encouraged me to do the same. At least, this is how I remember it. It seemed to me strange and … Continue reading

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“The Metaphysician and the Hole in the Ground”

“In his middle to late thirties (over the years 1679-85), Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz spent more than three years in his visits to a silver mining region in the Harz mountains. He believed he could devise new and more efficient ways … Continue reading

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“Reason, Genealogy, and the Hermeneutics of Magnanimity”

Brandom, “Reason, Genealogy, and the Hermeneutics of Magnanimity” Wow, that is a mouthful, and the talk does feature some elaborate (if not baroque) constructions with complex concepts. But the underlying ideas are clear and powerful. Robert Brandom argues (the start … Continue reading

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Fichte’s ostensible incomprehensibility

Arthur Schopenhauer did not have much use for Fichte. He thought Fichte’s mistakes arose from the fact that Fichte did away with Kant’s realm of things in themselves, leaving human consciousness free to just spin in any direction without any … Continue reading

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