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Quaere, how much do we really see?

How much of the world do we actually experience? Of course, I’m not bemoaning the shortness of human life, or the narrow range of the visual spectrum, or the insensitivities of our skins and tongues. There’s no doubt we’re missing … Continue reading

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Learning from strangers on planes

R. G. Collingwood’s principles of history: “All history is history of thought.” “Historical knowledge is the re-enactment in the historian’s mind of the thought whose history he is studying.” “Historical knowledge is the re-enactment of a past thought incapsulated in … Continue reading

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A personal ethics of clicking

Now that every click we make is watched, archived, and meta-data-fied, it is time to start thinking seriously about a personal ethics of internet consumption. This goes beyond mere paranoia and worry over what others might think of what you’re … Continue reading

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