Jerry and Charlie’s Southern Utah Adventure

Part 2

Part 3

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Curious about the ways humans use their minds and hearts to distract themselves from the meaninglessness of life.
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3 Responses to Jerry and Charlie’s Southern Utah Adventure

  1. Dick Yates says:

    Regarding the dials on the device: I could not help but notice that one of the dials is not actually attached to the device and so the connection is open to the air. Its obvious purpose is to measure atmospheric pressure, indeed, that is EXACTLY what it is measuring (or would be if it were still operational). I was able to pause your video and zoom in on the dial itself. If you do this you will see clearly that the lowest possible reading on the dial measures ZERO pressure units.

    Now, this dial was obviously designed in every detail and so the lower limit of the scale IS NO ACCIDENT. It must have a purpose.

    I ask you, where is the only place that such a device – one that can measure zero pressure units of atmosphere – would be needed? That’s right. OUTER SPACE.

    This proves conclusively (an airtight case, I would say) that the dial and the device on which it rests came from outer space. What other possible conclusion could there be????

    Dick Yates
    Salem, Oregon


  2. Huenemann says:

    you are obviously right, Dick. I’ll let Jerry know right away!


  3. Nadene says:

    Dear Dr. Huenemanniac,

    Could you elaborate on the connection between Nietzcheā€™s radical rejection of the objectivity of truth and UFO artifacts found in the desert?

    Also, I believe that your partner may be interested in this site, which offers even more air-tight evidence for UFOs.

    Thank you.


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