“You always run away from trouble in a butcher shop.”

From “Butcher,” Tom Chiarella, Esquire, September 2008:

One morning, tossing trim onto the tray, he turned on the grinder and said: “Look, the rule is, if you feel anything tug, anything at all, you hit the button and run.” He poked the rubber-covered stop button with his thumb. We stood in the walk-in, the compressors humming like a train. “You put your hands in the air and you run,” he said, “like a little girl. I’m as serious as a sock. This stuff will humble you. Get away from it. You always run away from trouble in a butcher shop.”

About Huenemann

Curious about the ways humans use their minds and hearts to distract themselves from the meaninglessness of life.
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4 Responses to “You always run away from trouble in a butcher shop.”

  1. Mike says:

    That’s what it’s like working in the wood shop. The dangers of meatspace.


  2. Is that right? Whenever you get into serious trouble, you should run? Is that always the case?


  3. Huenemann says:

    No, I’d say the advice holds only for butcher-shop-type scenarios.


  4. paul says:

    and wood shops, apparently. Actually, all things considered, it’s not a bad guideline….especially if you think about an alien zoo, with odd creatures looking for peculiar creature’s strengths…….


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