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The end is nigh

I haven’t been posting as much lately, since I’ve been at the last stages of the Nietzsche book. The end is at hand: just assembling biblio, checking references, etc. I usually regret expressing pride, but I still will say I … Continue reading

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Volte face

After all these helpful comments, I’ve done more reading and thinking about Nz’s politics. One good collection of essays I recommend is Nietzsche, godfather of fascism? (Princeton). The introduction, and essays by Golomb and Conway were especially illuminating. The volume … Continue reading

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Nietzsche’s fascism

More bashing of my dear friend. I’m in the last stages of the book ms, and trying to come to grips with his legacy. This following excerpt concerns the seeds he planted for fascism. It is clear that Elisabeth distorted … Continue reading

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Maya Angelou

Follow this link to see an excellent CBS segment on the historic importance of Obama’s election to the White House, with a moving poem recital by Maya Angelou.

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