Some views from the shed



About Huenemann

Curious about the ways humans use their minds and hearts to distract themselves from the meaninglessness of life.
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5 Responses to Some views from the shed

  1. Dennis Hermanson says:

    Beautiful shed, revealing and enlightened pix of your mind in objective outlay.
    If taken by words metaphored, Views = Human Consciousness from the Shed = Human Construct, then you have used your close space as the will of human(UN)kind on nature.
    Is the ultimate philosophy THAT HUMAN is not NATURE. (NATURAL)?
    All free will is human, and all nature is outside human. The great outdoors.

    Which classicist makes the most basic observation that the human mind is the projector on the cave of the world? But the flickering visions are called cities, and yes, there are cities of insects. And the two co-sync in the larger container of time/place/circumstance.

    I don’t know if we still get that we are a very big footprint on this planet, and I’m not sure if it’s a LARGE STEP for mankind, and a step back for nature….
    but it sure seems that way to the elephant, mountain gorilla and many unhappy lifeforms here and there.


    However, you have made a beautiful and industrious nest from which to make honey, or mental handsprings.

    Thanks for the quick trip.

    Den NC USA


  2. Huenemann says:

    Thanks for the comment, Dennis! I did write an essay once on what you identify as a “mind in objective outlay” –


  3. Dennis Hermanson says:

    COOL. I’ll enjoy that essay this weekend! Thanks for the tip, and writing back.

    I was thinking of you when I read this article on the virtual world=real world developments…

    Would you comment on this article, in terms of conditional (conditioned) reality and expectation, or the physical/mental life as meaning?

    Or, vision and future as gamed meaning. Reality is being shifted now, and so, philosophy becomes more mirrored, in the fun-house of living.




  4. Dennis Hermanson says:

    I think you’d be interested in a lecture on one of the finest huts for creative development, or the series of them, taken very seriously by the most swirling of the great composers, Gustave Mahler. His final years were as empassioned, riptidal, and ultimately overwhelming as his symphonies became, and still become. No never, becalm. But the places of creation were – calm, enlighted places of both mind and body, spirit and mental flight.’s-heavenly-retreats

    “Mahler referred to the fact that his huts were damp, (they had no damp-proof course), and probably had a detrimental effect on his health. But they did go a long way to provide the right environment for him and his art. They were his ‘fireplace’- a place of safety, free from the concerns of conducting orchestral music and opera.”

    How many great artists have had their personal spaces. Places. I assume some good scholar has asked, and hopefully compiled, such a study. Ah, on to amazon, let’s find out. The bane of conversation, where someone says, you know, that movie by the Italian where a rich couple are shipwrecked and they change roles… It was a woman director… No, that was a Madonna movie… Lena Wertmuller, Swept Away, IMDB. the woman staring at the iphone says quickly. End of conversation. “Let’s just not know,” seems to be an answer that a hut reponds to.
    “Let me think about it.” Who said, “I want to be alone?” Yes. She was right. Times change, but we need to be alone.


  5. Huenemann says:

    Thanks for that Mahler link – very interesting! I was originally inspired by George Bernard Shaw’s writing hut –


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