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“A Stranger to One’s Own Country”

Descartes was not a bookish man. There’s a well-known anecdote that reveals what he thought of libraries: One of his friends went to visit Descartes at Egmond. This gentleman asked him about physics books: which ones did he most value, … Continue reading

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On Kuhn and the scientific revolution

I had the welcome opportunity recently to read an essay by Dan Garber on why the scientific revolution wasn’t a scientific revolution. It’s bound for a collection of essays on the legacy of Thomas Kuhn’s Structure of Scientific Revolution, and … Continue reading

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Scattered Remarks

For fun, I put together a collection of 15 of my favorite Huenemanniac posts and published them as Scattered Remarks with Amazon (link in the right column). Not that any reader of this blog should be interested – there’s nothing … Continue reading

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My take on Newton

As a scholar of the early modern period, I cannot not have something to say about the great Isaac Newton. But I confess that I am intimidated both by his work and the thick forests of works that have been … Continue reading

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