Scattered Remarks

For fun, I put together a collection of 15 of my favorite Huenemanniac posts and published them as Scattered Remarks with Amazon (link in the right column). Not that any reader of this blog should be interested – there’s nothing in the book that isn’t freely available somewhere on this blog, except for the heartfelt dedication to my friend Rick Krause. But it’s fun to have a more tangible product.

About Huenemann

Curious about the ways humans use their minds and hearts to distract themselves from the meaninglessness of life.
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5 Responses to Scattered Remarks

  1. Den NC USA says:

    I’ve got a Gift Card with roughly the same amount on it, as your collection Scattered Remarks, and so I’ll put it into your wisdom rather than a bottle of Belgian Ale. (I’ve got a few of those already in my garage ale and condiment fridge).
    I’m enjoying rereading Nietzsche: Genius of the Heart. I’ve just retired, and have time now to think.

    Best from North Carolina.

    Dennis of Hillsborough


  2. Rick Krause says:

    In my slightly biased opinion, everyone should be interested in the publication of Scattered Remarks and eager to obtain a copy — especially readers of this blog. Professor.Huenemann’s Preface alone, which contains the dedication he mentions, is priceless. (I am bursting with pride, of course, as unworthy as I may be of my dear friend’s praise. No one has ever said anything nicer about me, nor is anyone likely to.) But seriously, even if you have read all of these wonderful essays piecemeal before, I urge you to read them again in the order in which they are presented in Scattered Remarks. Arranged thematically, essays that stood (and continue to stand) perfectly well on their own, now also nicely inform one another. So, in addition to that copy you’re going to get for yourself, buy additional copies for your friends and introduce them to the wisdom, the wit, the insights, and the inimitable style of Charlie Huenemann.


  3. Mike says:

    I got a copy. I like the playful nature of it though not really any new content. It’s inspiring me to try to weave together something similar.


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