Philosophy’s job

Philosophy’s job is to take you from what merely seems puzzling into what really is puzzling.

About Huenemann

Curious about the ways humans use their minds and hearts to distract themselves from the meaninglessness of life.
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3 Responses to Philosophy’s job

  1. Dennis Hermanson says:

    Very true. I was struck by a phrase that occurred in a description of the music of Dr. Strangely Strange.
    (True, )
    “chaos and cosmos are in constant struggle with each other,”
    and that graft of seeming irritation seems to sum up alot for me.

    As has been said before, “Irritation makes the pearl.”

    Still, and always, I can’t get by the obvious division between the human mind and the rest of nature. In other words, do fish have philosophy. And if they don’t, does philosophy actually answer anything?

    I guess it would if it does acutally give a good reason why there is life on earth, and if mankind will ever sense the (to me) truth that all living things are sacred (my religion) and we are a part of that world which we are in the process of destroying. (the dirty nest theory of existence).

    To me, all philosophy crumbles like archeological ruins in the face of stupid action. Greed, overpopulation, consumption, selfishness, the national/empire thrust of western civilization, religion, corruption…

    march on. Nietzsche was an astronaut of the modern way, but that way is blacktop. Is human consumption a force of evolution, or devolution?

    I ask you. Thanks for you wisdom in the face of overwhelming stupidity and human-ness.

    den nc usa world cosmos


  2. Dennis Hermanson says:

    “the national/empire thrust of western civilization”

    OK, I guess the idea of nation/religon/empire goes back lot further than Western Civilization. Back to the cave dwellers, perhaps, to threw rocks at each other for the best land near the flowing water to get some plants started.

    Please give me some hope that deep philosophy, unlike theoretical physics and cosmology, will mean more than just an artificial construct of meaning that is built upon mutually accepted and understood arcana of mental contstructs. Like religion did back in the days of scholasticism.

    Or is the understanding of the meaning supposed to be the actual essence of the reality? A heaven of thought.

    In the ways of earth and nature (that is, without human interaction), isn’t hermeneutics a form of theoretical philosophical scholasticism for todays questioning human scholar?

    Are there hermeneutic naturalists who dig deeply into the meaning of life from the non-human, non-human mind point of view?

    Best wishes,
    Again, thanks!
    Dennis Hermanson


  3. Kleiner says:

    Alternate definition (from the method of philosophy one sees in Aristotle’s Physics):
    Philosophy’s job is not to undermine pre-theoretical beliefs but to make sense of them and to give us deeper insight into the truth embedded in our ordinary judgments.


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