Comenius’s primer for learning Latin

I recently came across a 1685 English translation of Comenius’s “World of Pictures,” which was a primer aimed at helping children to learn Latin. (Comenius’s original was for German children, but this book was translated by Charles Hoole.) The idea was to give this book to kids and just let them enjoy the pictures and figure out the text for themselves (once they learned their ABCs). Each page offers a picture of a topic or event, and then offers side-by-side English and Latin descriptions, with references to parts of the picture.

Here, for instance, is the first page, inviting the young scholar to the master/pupil relation –

JAC student master

And here is a sea battle (“when huge Ships, like Castles, run upon one another with their Beaks, or shatter one another with their Ordnance, and so being bored thorow, they drink in their own destruction, and are Sunk”) –

JAC seabattle

Thanks, Early English Books Online!

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