Knowledge for Humans

I have taught “Epistemology” for many years, but it has always been for me a difficult course to plan. I want to cover traditional philosophical questions about skepticism, justification, induction, and belief in the external world. But then I also want to cover topics arising from the social conditions of knowledge: how cultural ideologies and prejudices color what we perceive and what we think we know, and “the crooked timber of humanity” and all that. And then I also want to explore human psychology and our natural inclinations toward fallacious thinking, as well as how conspiracy theories arise, and the fresh challenges the internet brings to epistemology.

So finally, inevitably, I wrote my own textbook, and since textbooks are usually outrageously overpriced, I wanted to make mine an open resource ( = free!). I was lucky enough to gain tremendous, enthusiastic support from my university’s Open Educational Resource staff. And so here it is, for anyone interested!

Link to the book

About Huenemann

Curious about the ways humans use their minds and hearts to distract themselves from the meaninglessness of life.
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5 Responses to Knowledge for Humans

  1. Orla Schantz says:

    What an unexpected and wildly generous gift. Thank you so much.


  2. ~eric. says:

    Hey Charlie,

    Thanks for the free book! But there is a problem with #5 SECOND ANSWER TO THE SKEPTIC — it isn’t clickable on my uptodate MacBook (won’t open). As local Mainers tell “summah” people when asked for directions: “Ya kant git theya from heeya.”

    MeridaGOround dot com
    Latest: Stage play: Einstein and the Rabbi


    • Huenemann says:

      Thanks, ~eric! Everything should be working now.


      • ~eric. says:

        Sorry to report that chapter 5 still doesn’t open. I can read 4 and 6, but all I see on 5 is one paragraph, and nothing on the page is clickable. I’m using Mac OS13.0.1 and have tried two browsers, Firefox and Safari, neither of which can open chapter 5.


  3. Huenemann says:

    He, eric – this is puzzling. Do the other chapters work just fine for you? At the bottom of the short paragraph introducing chapter 5, in the purple bar, is there an option on the bottom right to click on “Internalism and Externalism”?


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