Some AI art

When I put together the “Two and a half minutes” piece for 3QD (below), I experimented with DALL-E to compose some art to accompany it. I ended up going with something less literal, but here’s what the AI did with the prompt “A painting of a muddy landscape with humans climbing out of brown pods”:

Looks like AI can pass the “think up some depressing imagery” test.

About Huenemann

Curious about the ways humans use their minds and hearts to distract themselves from the meaninglessness of life.
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3 Responses to Some AI art

  1. ld says:

    I hate to admit it (although my reticence bothers me at an existential level), but if one of my students had produced this, I would be wonderfully impressed (albeit only if they were able to wax eloquent about their ‘process’) and give them a 95% grade…100%, would they have included a more nuanced color scheme using variegated washes (or blending in this/your case).
    I have briefly looked at AI-generated ‘art’ and have been happily underwhelmed. I am not enthusiastic with the likes of yourself showing me that I am (epistemologically) probably dead wrong in my need to feel it is invariably sub-human.
    …”what epistemological foundation is there for such an artificial discrimination?”…ha! Joke’s on me.
    Anyway, thanks. You are truly helping me/us come to terms, always appreciated.


  2. Dave Wilkison says:

    I have not experimented with AI. I do use a program, MobleMonet, to suggest directions for me. There’s quite a bit in the news about AI creative, writing as well as art. Why not, I say. We are evolutionary beings.


  3. Huenemann says:

    Thanks for the comments, ld and Dave. I think the coming of PDGAI (pretty-darn-good-AI) is going to raise a lot of new questions for us, especially over whether we value adequate outcomes over more squishy stuff (like human connection, the process of creation, what we value in created objects). I am with you in finding current AI creations a mix, sometimes very interesting and sometimes flat and bland, but I would expect there to be some progress in coming months or years.


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