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Divine natures: Spinoza, Emerson, and Nietzsche

Our Fall 2014 semester just wrapped up. I asked the students in my seminar to write a longer paper on our three philosophers – and then joined in the fun and wrote one myself. Divine natures: a tale of three … Continue reading

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Sea battles, beasties in the blood, and the summer of 1665

In the summer and autumn of 1665, a German expatriate in London exchanged a series of fascinating letters with a renegade Dutch Jew. The expatriate was Henry Oldenburg, who was serving as secretary of the newly-formed Royal Society of London. … Continue reading

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The one substance in Kingston

I just returned from a small Spinoza conference in Kingston, Ontario. There were about 10 or 11 of us presenters, and a few more who attended all the sessions, so we formed a friendly and animatedly interactive group. Jon Miller … Continue reading

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Spinoza, Einstein, Tillich

… but for now let us try to understand the broader implication of Spinoza’s concept of God. The implication is fully illustrated in an interaction between Albert Einstein and the theologian Paul Tillich at a conference on science, philosophy, and … Continue reading

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Another line from my Spinoza manuscript

But Spinoza’s God requires no such faith, as the one substance is fully fathomable by reason. We enter into “a relationship” with it precisely through our employment of reason, the very same organ allowing us to perform geometrical constructions and … Continue reading

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An odd quote from my Spinoza manuscript

“All things are necessitated by God with stark raving geometrical necessity.” I like the ring of that.

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Attention Portuguese Spinozists

If the only thing holding you back from ordering a copy of Interpreting Spinoza is that it isn’t in Portuguese, then take heart: I’ve been informed that a translated edition is in the works. Now the book will be in … Continue reading

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Interpreting Spinoza now in paperback

… and a handsome volume it is. I updated the amazon link on the right.

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