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“As One” – a chamber opera

Last night we had the wonderful experience of seeing “As One,” a chamber opera about a transgendered person’s voyage of self-discovery. As a chamber opera, the instrumental music was provided by a string quartet (our resident Fry Street Quartet), the … Continue reading

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On opera

I have long believed that I should love opera. I’m a great fan of “classical” music (a fairly meaningless term, as it encompasses way too much), and view its existence as one of the primary pieces of evidence for believing … Continue reading

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The aural time traveler

Some years back my musicologist friend introduced me to the charming world of gramophones. (A brief history may be in order: before there were iPods and YouTube, there were CDs; before that, there were vinyl records, still very much in … Continue reading

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Kate Tempest is someone to watch for

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Diggin’ Monk

I think we all maybe need to develop some rhythmic autonomy.

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I wanna be a hipster. Who’s with me?

From Wikipedia: In his book Jazz, Frank Tirro defines the 1940s hipster: To the hipster, Bird was a living justification of their philosophy. The hipster is an underground man. He is to the Second World War what the dadaist was … Continue reading

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A tale of two concerts

Maybe my favorite thing about living in Logan is our Chamber Music Series, and the fact that we have an in-house string quartet, the Fry Street Quartet. We heard them play last Tuesday, and on the program were Beethoven, Dohnanyi, … Continue reading

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